Sharnette Hyter

Her music is raw, Soulful, always real. Just like her attitude. A lyricist in the Southern Soul movement, Sharnette Hyter is a no-holds-barred Artist: Who gives us the new Millennium Etta James and more mature Mary J Blige sound 
Sharnette's experiences in life, love and relationships; is what make her the soulful artist that she is. A native of Dallas TX. Sharnette Hyter has been performing and recording professionally sense the mid nineties. 
 Opening for an performing with a cast of entertainers that includes Patrick Henry, Floyd Taylor, Buck Zydeco, J.J. Caillier., Bobby Rush, Joe Tex II, Patrick Green, Freedom Williams, and Big Cynthia. I have worked with some great people but my thing is, if we're going to work together, you have to understand where I'm coming from." 
Drawing on the influences and performances with some of the late great soul ancestors that she has worked with like Bobby Blue Band, Marvin Sease and Mel Waters.'" 
Sharnette Hyter has come from a tradition of great gospel-rooted singing and music-making and is on the cutting edge of inspired creativity: " There's a natural high, a rush of adrenalin that I get when I'm writing, recording, and or producing…" 
Sharnette Hyter been singing and writing poetry ever since she was a young girl." 
In addition to collaborating with the many listed artist above Sharnette Hyter is a talented singer-songwriter. 
Sharnette Hyter brings young and old soul music audiences together. 
Sharnet’s single “Stilettos and Tight Jeans is now available digitally and also being distributed to radio, clubs, and to streaming services… 
This is the first single from her upcoming full-length cd scheduled to be released in early summer. 
The song combines a great mixture of Texas two-step with some Louisiana Zydeco, with a ft from J.J Caillier. 
This single follows a song released on her label “love Token.”